Charlie Chaplin silent films

About the Films:

The Kid
(68 minutes)
In this “comedy with a smile – and perhaps a tear”, Charlie Chaplin shines in his first starring role. A mother leaves her newborn child in the backseat of a limousine with a note. Crooked thieves teal the limousine and abandon the crying baby. Luckily, the Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) – who barely has a penny to his name – quickly discovers the squalling child and becomes the reluctant father to him.

The Tramp and the Kid (Jackie Coogan) form an inseparable bond. But trouble is just around the corner! The Kid has fallen ill and when the doctor learns of the illegal adoption he arranges for the child to be put in the Orphan Asylum. Escaping the clutches of the police, The Tramp and The Kid are on the run and with a rewards on the child to anyone who brings him in, they’ll have to stick together. It will take some quick thinking to se things right and reunite this lovable pair.

The Immigrant (30 minutes)
Aboard a large steamer ship crammed with immigrants, the hopeful Tramp (Chaplin) crosses the Atlantic, battling with seasickness. As he wins at gambling, Charlie takes pity on the struggling single mother and her daughter and decides to share some of his money - his risky approach will soon lead to a wonderful friendship. However, when the ship finally arrives in New York, the two friends are separated, only to reunite in a restaurant, merrily chatting over a hearty lunch. But, can Charlie pay for their meal?

The screening of these two Charlie Chaplin silent films will be accompanied by live music from Clark Wilson on the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, New England’s largest theatre organ. Watching a silent film with live music creates a unique experience that you wouldn’t get watching a modern film at the movie theater. It is both visually and audially stunning, creating an immersive once-in-a-lifetime event for filmgoers.