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The Hanover Theatre Resiliency Fund

More than 80% of The Hanover Theatre's income comes from ticket sales, fees and other revenues related to performances. The loss of that revenue will have a significant impact on the theatre. We will emerge from this difficult time, resilient and prepared for the future, but we need your help. Please consider a contribution to The Hanover Theatre Resiliency Fund today as we navigate these unprecedented and uncertain times. 

Access to the Arts

The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory is committed to providing access to the arts for youth and families who could not otherwise afford to participate. The Access to the Arts Fund allows us to provide subsidized tickets to school groups, outreach programs for people of all ages and abilities, scholarships for conservatory classes, our annual Adopt-A-School Program and much, much more!

Donald Phipps Wurlitzer Fund

The staff and members of the board feel fortunate to have been given The Mighty Wurlitzer, the largest of its kind in New England. As stewards of this fabulous gift, it is our responsibility to properly maintain the organ and create opportunities where it can be shared with patrons and the greater community.

Julius Caesar

Your donation will help contribute to the return of live theatre.  A professional production on the scale of Julius Caesar is only possible with support from the community. Offered free and open to the public in August 2021, William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is our gift to the community, subsidized by our generous sponsors. Together, we want to recognize the extraordinary support we’ve received throughout the pandemic while offering a safe way for people to connect through the experience of the performing arts.