Rocky Horror Picture Show

About the show:

Ever wonder what has kept crowds coming to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show for almost 50 years? Shadowcasting. Born out of audience participation, those attending in costume would get out of their seats and act out parts of the film in front of the movie screen. This organic expression of the film’s central theme (Don’t dream it, be it) evolved into full casts of actors performing along with the cult classic and interacting with audiences to create a unique experience with each viewing. Over time, the art of shadowcasting has grown, bringing this unparalleled style of entertainment to audiences world wide. Today, while the Rocky Horror Picture Show is still the most shadowcasted film, others (such as Grease, Repo! The Genetic Opera, The Princess Bride, and many more) have made their way into theaters to the delight of audiences.

Ready to see and experience a show? Come see the Teseracte Players of Boston at Hanover Theater June 17th at 9 PM. A shadowcast that has been performing throughout New England for almost 3 decades, their actors’ twist on this rite of passage is sure to thrill, chill, and fulfill you!